The Pretty Strange

The Pretty Strange

The Pretty Strange is a collaboration between Timmy and Justin from T grace and Daine “Duhjuanyay” Hemmerle of Michigan’s Spit-Spat Records crew and formerly of If He Dies He Dies.

The group’s songs, E.P.’s and Albums will be released by both FLR and Spit Spat Records in a cross country collaboration of two independent labels.

Their first track DMT (Duhjuanyay Meets Timmy) was released March 12th 2013 and their debut E.P. Michington will be available April 23rd 2013.



Tyrannosaurus grace

Photo By Christian J. Sweet

A self-sufficient organism, T. grace employs the D.I.Y. approach as a
primary mode of survival in the ever-changing environment of independently
released music, where carving out a niche is critical for proliferation.
The extinction of many sister species using less adequate strategies to
exploit their surroundings has marked T. grace as one the most adaptive
critters in the competitive jungles of modern music.


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