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KOMO News Radio Shows TPS Some Love

Jennifer Harriman of KOMO News Radio discusses The Pretty Strange with Timmy.


MICHINGTON: Volume 1 Now Available!

Go get the debut EP from FLR and Spit Spat Records’ The Pretty Strange. Pay what you want, whether it is 0 dollars or a million matters not to us (of course a million will certainly not be frowned upon).




Special thanks to Luke Forton for the amazing artwork!!!

The Pretty Strange Have Arrived!


We have been talking about it for over a year now and we are finally releasing the first track from The Pretty Strange; a collaboration between Timmy Held and Justin Foss of FLR and T grace and Daine “Duhjuanyay” Hammerle of Spit Spat Records.

The song we are releasing is called DMT (Duhjuanyay Meets Timmy). It was the first collaborative effort between Held and Hammerle. Lyrics and Vocals by Duhjuanyay, Music and back-up vox by Timmy and Mixing & Mastering by Justin.

Listen HERE



The Pretty Strange


We are super excited to officially announce that Timmy from Tyrannosaurus grace has teamed up with Michigan hip-hop sensation Duhjuanyay for a side project they are calling The Pretty Strange.

Timmy supplies the beats and a little vocal hook every once in a while and Duhjuanyay provides the hip-hop heat! Justin (also of T grace) is helping out with production.

A release is planned for early spring 2013. Stay tuned for more details!

Justin Foss (L) and Timmy Held (photo by Christian J. Sweet)

Justin Foss (L) and Timmy Held (photo by Christian J. Sweet)

Saucy Menage a Trois

Timmy gazes fondly at his Fastback Amplifiers Custom 18 and Recovery Effects Pedals: The Sound Destruction Device and Dead Ship Sailing Distortion.Timmy Recovery Fastback 2


Go check out these Seattle based companies and buy some gear, Christmas is very soon!

Recovery Effects


Much More Than A Story Available on Amazon and iTunes

Get it Here or if you want us to get more money get it HERE