Fake It Or Leave It vol. 1 (official release 4/6/2012)

Click the Raccoon to go listen/download!

Bands Included:

Tyrannosaurus grace : A self-sufficient organism, T. grace employs the D.I.Y. approach as a primary mode of survival in the ever-changing environment of independently
released music, where carving out a niche is critical for proliferation. The extinction of many sister species using less adequate strategies to
exploit their surroundings has marked T. grace as one the most adaptive critters in the competitive jungles of modern music.

Little Beirut: Picking up their name from an off-hand slight from former President George H.W. Bush, who called Portland “Little Beirut” after a visit to the city was met with massive protests, the four-piece is not what you might expect from the center of the Indie Rock universe.

Smoosh: Smoosh is an American indie pop band from Seattle, WA. They have released three albums, all of which were written and performed by singer/keyboardist Asya and her sister, drummer Chloe.

Afraid of Figs: “Afraid Of Figs is a high energy power pop band, that mixes often deep, and off-the-wall lyrics with catchy hooks.  A rare band of talented musicians who take their path seriously, while poking fun at themselves and anything that needs poking fun at.  AOF’s interactive live shows create buzz and are not to be missed!”

The Hardcount: The Hardcount is a rock n roll band cut from the same cloth as Motorhead, the Misfits, AC/DC, the Ramones and Johnny Cash. Rock n Roll is in our blood, it keeps us sane enough to walk the planet with “normal people”.

Mnemonic Sounds: Portland based electronic-pop duo that will melt your heart.

Shaprece: Shaprece Renee has been recording since 2009 and has made it her mission to experiment with different sounds and textures to … more create her own sound.
A newcomer on the Seattle music scene, Shaprece has made a mark by performing and lending vocals to fellow artists such as Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso, SOTA, Gran Rapids, and Blue Sky Black Death.

Gumshen: From Seattle, Gumshen draws upon an eclectic palate of musical styles dishing out a healthy dose of rock, pop and funk\rap. Gumshen sounds like King Crimson and Weezer adopting Elton John, renaming him Prince, and celebrating with a sunbeam of absinthe.

Random Orbits: “That young, free-spirited attitude of smalltown bruisers is alive and well with fresh upstarts Random Orbits. Hailing from the almighty Pacific Northwest, they carry the same brash aggression as Shook Ones, the coming-of-age wisdom of Broadway Calls and the meaty riffs of A Wilhelm Scream. Only difference? They create a bi-partisan sound that all punk rock breeds (from the hardcore to the pop) can listen to and bond-n-mosh with”

Open Country Joy: Open Country Joy is Ellensburg’s homegrown hometown band, specializing in booty-shaking country funk since the year 2000!

Here Come Dots: Taking their name from a mysterious, single sentence out of Mark Z. Danielewski’s novel, “House of Leaves”, Here Come Dots … more is also the anagram for “The Morse Code”. Both fitting contexts for a band that crafts it’s music like the underscore to a mystery novel, or some sort of cosmic secret trying to solve itself. Here Come Dots could be described as “The Beatles taking acid in a cathedral”.

Tieton Drive: Taking their name from a main thoroughfare in their hometown of Yakima Washington, Tieton Drive is a New Wave / Indie Rock band formed in the year 2007.

Jay Held: Singer songwriter from Aubrun, WA who plays every instrument on his albums. An authentic one-man-band and true wonder of the DIY studio.

Dead Ship Sailing: A lo-fi fuzz rock duo from Seattle led by Graig Markel and Zera Marvel (who both have too many cool things to site here so click their names to find out more!)


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