E.P. 1 by T. grace

Download “HM” for FREE Here!


Download “Flessh and Blood” for FREE Here!

Physical Release Date: August 26th 2011

Digital Distribution: August 30th 2011

This is a sneak peek at the upcoming second full length release from FLR’sTyrannosaurus grace.

Only 100 physical copies pressed which are only available at T. grace shows. Available as mp3 download here

Track Listing

1. HM

2. Monster

3. Pie

4. Flesh and Blood

5. Sustenence DUB#

6. HM (2004 acoustic demo)#*

7. Monster (demo)#

Album Credits (in alphabetical order):

Lakyn Bury: vocals, guitar

Justin Foss: lead guitar, keys, synth

Jeff Gerrer: Bass

Timmy Held: vocals, guitar, keys, synth

Dave Hoffman: Drums (except * by Jay Held)

# Only available on this E.P. (not to be on full release)

All songs written by Tyrannosaurus grace

Lyrics on 1 and 3 by Timmy Held

Lyrics on 2 and 4 by Lakyn Bury

Sustenence DUB remixed by Timmy

Produced by Tyrannosaurus grace

Mixed and Mastered by Justin Foss at Fake Barn Studio (aka Fort Kick Ass)

Drums recorded by Matt Woodard at Cascade Studio Cle Elum, WA

Everything else recorded at Fake Barn Studio (aka Fort Kick Ass) Ellensburg, WA, Except * recorded at Fat Dog Studio Auburn, WA

Thanks to Matt Woodard, Jay Held, Greg Maes and everyone who has supported us.



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