NEW Tyrannosaurus grace album!


The long-awaited new full length from FLR’s own Tyrannosaurus grace has finally been released!

You can get a digital copy at the FLR Bandcamp (itunes, CD Baby and Amazon within a few days) or email us for details on physical cd’s!



T grace on WTF with Marc Maron…AGAIN!

FLR’s Tyrannosaurus grace is featured on today’s episode of WTF with Marc Maron. This is the second time the band’s music has been used on the podcast.

Fake it or Leave it Vol. 1 Released as FREE Download Today!!!

Download here for FREE!!!

SMI Talks with Timmy about “Fake It Or Leave It Vol 1”

Click the Raccoon or  the link below to read and listen:

FLR Remixes Dead Ship Sailing’s “Burn to Dust”

Hey guys, here is a link to my my remix of “Burn to Dust” by Dead Ship Sailing. Thank you Graig and Zera for the opportunity and thank you Justin for helping me put the final touches on the track.

Photo by Marlon Schaeffer









Dead Ship Sailing is an lo-fi fuzz rock duo consisting of Graig Markel and Zera Marvel. To check out their tunes and up-coming show dates visit their webpage HERE

Also check out Graig’s awesome Recovery Effects Pedals

Show Review: The Darkness

Most all of my favorite bands I have seen at some point at this club here or that festival there, but one act that has eluded for years now is The Darkness. I almost saw them when I lived in Hollywood in 2004 when they were playing literally just down the street from my apartment, but when I got to the box office they informed me that they had sold out not even 20 minutes before I got there. I was bummed but I sucked it up and figured I would just have to catch them the next time around. Little did I know at the time that the next time around wouldn’t be for another 8 years. Shortly after that tour the band broke up due to frontman Justin Hawkins’s excessive drug use. It crushed me when I heard the news and I feared that I wouldn’t have the chance to see them again, or at best might see some half-assed reincarnation of the band with a new frontman who surely wouldn’t live up to the massive rockstar persona and otherworldly vocal abilities of Hawkins, so needless to say when I heard The Darkness had reunited with the original line-up and was touring the U.S. I was more than ecstatic.







Go on to Seattle Music Insider‘s webpage to read the rest!

Seattle Record Stores to Help Distribute Compilation

We are very happy to announce that Easy Street, Sonic Boom, Silver Platters and B-side Music will all be distributing FREE copies of the NW Music Compilation we are putting together.

Please go visit these stores and keep the Ma and Pa Record Store alive and well!