Timmy of Tyrannosaurus grace and his Custom 18 by Fastback Amps of Seattle.

Amp made by Dave Kracke

Photo by Lindsay Allen

Limited Edition Dead Ship Sailing distortion pedal (#10 of 10)

Timmy also uses Recovery Effects pedals. 

“My DSS pedal by Recovery Effects is the nastiest,crunchiest distortion I have ever played. What makes it stand out from most other distortion stomp boxes is its ability to mantain great tonal clarity while reaching the filthiest corners of the distortion realm ” -Timmy Held of Tyrannosaurus grace and FLR

For demo videos of these great products follow the links below:

Sound Destruction Device: Fuzz/Distortion

Couples Skate: Octave Fuzz

Dust to Burn: distortion

Dead Ship Sailing: distortion (only 10 made and sorry, Timmy got the LAST ONE!)


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